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Main Products:container desiccant

About Us
 Top-Sorb Technology Co.,Ltd has entered the field of desiccant since 1999.

In 2004,Top-Sorb joined a bentonite mine in Inner Mongolia as a member of shareholders and built its own manufacture base near the mine. It is a newly explored bentonite mine, which is the finest in quality among all bentonite mines found in China even in the world up to now.

In 2005, Top-Sorb began to cooperate with an attapulgite mine in Anhwei Province.

In 2006, Top-Sorb set up its branch in Hong Kong.

In 2009,United-Ports Group becomes a strategic shareholder of Top-Sorb for expanding the cooperation of container anti-humidity products and cargo protection service.

As a leading manufacturer of container desiccants in China, Top-Sorb invested much in building facilities, and good equipped laboratory. Top-Sorb has two advanced production lines, one is for packaging desiccant bags with clay and active mineral as absorbent, the other is for packaging calcium chloride based desiccant strips.

 Top-Sorb’s team consists of professional, hard-working employees from different fields including geologic, chemical, basic material, macromolecule, quality control and international marketing etc. Our talented technicians focus on improving our technologies, adopting new materials, and developing new products. With the expansion of business and growing of our career, Top-Sorb gives more and more importance of recruiting talented people with a higher vision, especially for the department of research and international marketing.

 Top-Sorb has a strong sense of mission of building self-owned brands and intellectual properties. With a dream to be a world-wide player, we have registered series of trademarks in China, Hong Kong and several main target market countries.

Top-Sorb’s Market strategy

Difficulty first, easy afterward: With high quality product and service, in 2005, Top-Sorb began to export to the toughest and strictest Japan and German market. In 2006, Top-Sorb begin to export to USA and Brazil. Up to 2013, TopSorb has exported to 25 countries world-wide.

America: United State, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Peru;

Asia: Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Isreal, Oman;

Oceania: Australia;

Europe: German, Italy, Belgium, Norway, France; United Kingdom, Bulgaria

Top-Sorb’s strategy

-Focus on supplying different series of container desiccant products and relevant moisture-proof service, protect the safety and quality of the cargo for the customers.

-Become a global supplier of total solution in the field of container cargo service.

Top-Sorb’s Mission

TOPSORB pays much attention to value principle and team work, each department and each member have full understanding about their responsibilities. Top-Sorb tries to turn this understanding into a sense of mission.

Sales Department: What we sell is not only desiccants, but also moisture-proof solution, we sell freshness and quality. We are defender of customers’ product quality.

International Department: What we attend is not CFL-A, but the WORLD CUP. The name of “CHINA” is printed on our shirt as well as our mind when we enter the field each time. We know the meaning of this name.

Production Department / Q&C Department: being strict, going deep into details, insistence under pressure, are our working style. If we are loose in quality, we will lose the battle, our soldiers will fall down in the blood.

R&D Department: Good products need no promotion. Our job is changing rifle into bazooka, customers’ needs are the root source of our ideas and product design.

Customer Service Department: Perfect service is one importance reason that our customers choose TopSorb. If we do not provide

If we do not provide professional and heart-warming service, Top-Sorb will drift into endless price war.

Purchasing Department: We do not squeeze our suppliers’ reasonable margin meanwhile, we never make compromise on quality requirement. We refuse bribes at any time. It is respect to our suppliers, and also dead readline of Top-Sorb.

Financial Department: We take the responsibility that, not only ensure Top-Sorb’s cash flow, but also ensure our suppliers having reasonable cash flow.