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As a member of China independent development and production of plate and battery manufacturers, and member of China Acid Battery Branch Association, KAIYING POWER SUPPLY & ELECTRICAL EQUIP CO., LTD has been dedicated to research and development of Valve Regulated Sealed Lead-Acid battery since 2003. It has been leading the VRSLA Batteries and Plates technology in China ever since, with brand name KAIYING. Feature with highly qualified staff, KAIYING has been holding fast to the state-of-the –art battery technology with innovative ideas, and severely computerized quality control system in production as well, which make KAIYING outstanding for it guaranteed qualities: ? Stability ? Reliably sealed construction ? Long service life, float or cyclic ? Maintenance free operation ? Low pressure venting system ? Heavy duty lead calcium-ally grids ? Low self discharge Our products range consist of more than 200 categories, Which extensive using Alarm Systems, Power Tools, Electric bicycles, Motorcycles and UPS Power systems etc.. The nominal voltage of KAIYING VRSLA battery including2v, 4v, 6v, 8v, 12v, 24v, etc. The rated capacity is from 0.3AH~3000AH: ? KS series, from 0.3ah to 28ah ? KM series, from 33ah to 200ah ? KL series, from 200ah to3000ah Among them you can expert special types, as deep discharge, standby use or high rate output, to meet with various requirements. You can also expert out batteries meet with the standards JIS, DIN IEC tc. We have obtained ISO9001 certification and ISO14001 certification. We have also obtained UL approval and CE approval for all type of batteries. We have production facility of 667, 00 square meters totally. Our yearly production is 2,000,000KVAH. Contact us for further details, and your partnership with KAIYING will undoubtedly prove worthy of doing it.

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