18650 laptop battery power bank

Product Name: 18650 laptop battery power bank
Date Posted: 22 Nov 2013
Time Left: 515 Days
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Detailed Description

1.Long cycle life: 500+cycles
2.High energy density
3.Environment Friendly
4.Good Satety Perfrmance
5. Customized dimension

18650 5S1P 18.5v 2400mAh lithiumcylindrical battery for power bank.

Nominal Capacity(mAh) Nominal Voltage (V) Charge Cut-off Voltage (V) Discharge Cut-off Voltage (V) Continous Discharging Current (mAh) Max. Burst Discharge Current (mAh) Std. Charging Time (hours) Rapid Charging Time (hours) Cell Resistance(mΩ)

2400mAh 18.5V 21v 15V 0.5C 1C 6~7.0 2~3.0 <100mΩ

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