Customs Clearance Services in Shenzhen For Imported Milk Powder

Product Name: Customs Clearance Services in Shenzhen For Imported Milk Powder
Date Posted: 17 Aug 2015
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Milk powder import customs declaration agent, milk powder import customs clearance, how to import milk powder into China? How to resolve the common problems during milk powder importation? How long it takes to get milk powder imported into mainland China .

Seahog provide a full set of import services for imported milk powder, which including pick-up, sea freight, commodity inspection, customs clearance, label-making and registration and all other relevant procedures required.

The operation flow of milk powder importation
Prepare goods→pick up goods→export declaration→sea freight to China→import customs clearance in China→land transportation in China
Good preparation: for example: 900g/can, 6 cans/ carton, around 6.3KG/carton. Pack milk powder well in pallet and wrap the pallet with glue film . The weight for each pallet shall not exceed 900 KGS, otherwise milk powder can will get squashed.

The customs clearance flow:
1.Chinese label registration which shall be done before shipping
2.Document preparation
3.Arrange shipment
4.Shipment arrival
5.Exchange document
6.Import commodity inspection declaration
7.Import customs clearance
8.Pay taxes
9.Move milk powder to customs controlled warehouse
10.Sampling test
11.Obtain Chinese sanitary certificate

The most important point of milk powder importation is that the importer(the consignee)shall hold running qualification of milk powder, and automatic import license is required. At present, most importers of milk powder in China do not hold this qualification to obtain automatic import license. Well, Seahog has this qualification, and thus can help clients solve this issue.

Compared with common food, the customs clearance of milk powder is more complex. More documents and registrations are required. Therefore, clients needs a professional and experienced import customs agent like agent to ensure the customs clearance done very well and no mistakes. Seahog has rich experience and actual operation cases in imports of milk powder, welcome you contact us to get profession milk powder import customs clearance solution. We will help you save costs and time with high competitive prices and good services.

---- Know more about Seahog
SeaHog International Logistics Co., Ltd, headquartered in Shanghai, has ten branches including one in Shenzhen, and one in Guangzhou. Seahog’s main service resources include overseas departments, eight import warehouses distributed in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Tianjin, 100 million L/C credit agency for purchasing machines, equipment, production lines, logs & wood, large quantity raw materials, luxury items and so on. Since establishment in 1997, Seahog has been operation the import customs clearance for all kinds of imported food products, like milk powder, mineral water, olive oil, beer, jelly, oatmeal, biscuits, chocolate, beverage, fruit juice, honey, grape seeds, canned food, coconut oil, tea, red wine, noodle, cakes, coconut candies, fruit-vegetable powder at main ports in China.

Seahog has a professional China customs clearance agent team that provides customs declaration, commodity inspection declaration, logistics transportation, Chinese label design, warehouse, port to door solution and door to door solution for clients. Our team is familiar with relevant regulations and laws while having rich actual operation experience and flexible customs clearance and commodity inspection channels, which greatly reduces the label registration and inspection time and thus allows clients take the market as quick as possible.

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