Procure Coper Wire Used for Generator&Computer

2014-02-18 10:57:30 |

I am from Constanta port and city, Romania, I own one of the bigest trading company from my area and I am interested in evaluating the purchase of copper rod 8 mm suitable for being drawn to a diameter of 0.10 mm for the production of electric cables with the following characteristics:

Electrolytic tough intensity of copper wire grade A quality

Standards: ASTM B49 (tavolo 1: UNS no C11040) EN 1977 (CU-ETP1/CW003A), DIN 17652 (E1/CU58) BS 6926 (C100).

Diameter: 8mm 0,2mm 10mm 0,2mm.

Typical analysis: Cu > 99,97% Ag 10 As <1, Bi <0.5 Cd <0.1 Co <1, Cr <1 Fe <2 Mn <1, Ni <1 O 160-220 P <1, Pb <1 S <4 Sb <1, Se <0.5 Sn <1 Te <0.5, Zn <1.

Physical Characteristics: Conductivity % IACS>101.5.

Tensile strength N/mm: 22/24 kg/mm.

Elongation %: from 42 to 46

Elongation spiral - EN method mm>350

Packing: Pallet 1.8 1.8 mm (lamina tense) 3.5 up to 6 tons / neck.

With a contract type as follows:1. Purchase contract for 5/7 years from 20132. Amount of purchase for the first year 10,000 tons (+ / -10%). Quantities will increase in subsequent years up to a maximum of 30,000 tons / year.3. Monthly quantity 1,000 tons month (+ / -10%), with deliveries to be made within the first 3 weeks of the month.4. Country of delivery of the material Italy.

So, kindly ask you to send me more technical details and packing details and also an offer FOB your nearest port.

Looking for a long and a good partnership between us and waiting for your soonest answer !


company: East Gate Global SRL Constanta

area: Romania

contact person: Mr. Marius Cenuse