Solar Energy Water Heater

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Minimum Quantity: 3   Set
Last Updated: 2016-03-08
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Detailed Description

Solar Heating Stove Parallel System:Provides hot water and supplies heat.It saves about 60% energy consumption per year.

The solar and gas heating stoves complements each others advantafes,overcoming the dilemma that in-sufficient sunlight makes the solar hot water heater fail to work normally.

Solar water heater is a device to use the optical-to-thermal conversion technology to produce hot water,which is made up by heat-collecting components,temperature preservation water tank,connection pipes and control components.Different from the gas water heater,solar water heater uses the radiation heat from the sun,therefore,its heating time is when the solar lighting intensity reaches a ceitain value,it converts the sunlight into electricity and increases the water temperature to meet the hot water requirements of the people.According to the structural forms,it can be divided into evacuated solar water heater and flat-plane solar water heater.Its thermal efficiency fluctuates with the weather and the season,while the gas water heater is more atable.And that is why we mix the solar water heater and the gea water heater.