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Last Updated: 2016-03-24
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The Most Valuable Treasure in DongBei----Ginseng
Ginseng is the most famous and precious traditional Chinese medicine in ancient history and its medicinal value has been recognized by the world.
Ginseng's full name is Panax Ginseng,the Greek "panacea" the Greek name shows ginsneg has superior efficacy in many aspects.Since thousand years ago,there have been a lot of myth and legend about ginsneg it made ginseng become the valuable treasure.

Jilin ginseng,first ranking of DongBei treasure and known as the "King Of Herb"Ginseng has already been regarded as national protection plant in China today.

The history of Ginseng from ChangBai Mountain can be traced back to three thousand years ago,human dig wild ginseng and contributed them to the kings of ancient China.The most famous prople that used ginseng are KangXi and QianLong emperor.The kings regarded ginseng as the most valuable treasure in the world.
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