Collapsible fox trap for hunting equipment

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Production Capacity: 10,000pieces per month
Last Updated: 2016-05-04
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Detailed Description
Our traps will humanely capture pests such as raccoons, cats, foxes, dogs and other critters. Instead of putting up with these pests, you can capture and relocate them without harm to you or the critters.

1. Main material is steel wire with heavy duty solid steel reinforcement at front and rear of trap.

2. Galvanized, then black coated to provide maximum protection against rust and corrosion.

3. Gravity action door, quickly snaps into place preventing animals from backing out when the trap sets.

4."Posi - Lok" spring action door latch prevent animals from escaping, even if the trap is turned over or flipped

completely upside down.

5. Collapsible from nearly flat to assembled in seconds - simple, fast, and no tools necessary.

6. Compact for easy storage and transport, folds flat when not in use and takes about 1/10th the storage space.

7. Large hand protectors. Hand guards under trap handles protect handlers against animal scratches.

8. Strategic mesh patterns. Tighter wire mesh pattern around bait areas prevent animals from reaching into the trap and steeling bait from the outside.

Open Size: 107x41x46cm
Folded Size: 107x41x9cm
Weight: 10.5kgs
Ideal for catching: Fox, Coyote, Bobcat, Dog


•This is portable, but well made. It is heavy, but that's due to its better construction. It works well, and will catch most anything that goes into it. The trigger mechanism isn't set for larger animals so small pests can trigger it as well (racoons, opposums, cats, etc). It seems big, but I have some large stray dogs (hound size) that may not fit into it. I wish this company made the next size up (an x-large model) as the wire coating on everything on it is very durable & long lasting (other larger trap manufacturers don't seem to take that time with theirs). But this trap is fine for fairly large dogs to small pests and again seems very durable and is easy to fold & set.

•Had a stray in our neighborhood that animal control was not been able to catch. The dog was getting skinnier each day. We got the trap today, set up pieces of hot dogs leading to the trap, a trail inside the trap, and a whole pile in the far end. We set it up at 10:00pm and were woke up at 1:00am by howling. The dog was in the trap, not harmed at all. We highly recommend this trap!!!
FYI - The dog was 50-60 lbs