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Main Products:casting,aluminum die casting

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Detailed Description

Our advantages are material and surface quality control, especially the inner surface quality, which help us win the trust of our customers.

Material standard:Aluminum etc.: AlSi7Mg, AlSi12, AlSi10Mg, AlSi5Cu, AZ91, AM60,AM50, AM20. As a Chinese saying goes,"Distance tests a horse's stamina, time reveals a person's character". If you still need a business partner, we want to show our sincerity and good products.

Cast iron: GG-10, GG-15, GG-20, GG-25, GG-30, GGG-40, GGG-50, GGG-60, GGG-75.
Stainless steel: GS-38, GS-45, GS-52.
Others:HDPE plastic and carbon steel or according to customers' requirements.
Productive technology:
l Sand castings. Green sand, resin sand and precoated sand are using according to different parts' structure. Molding method could be hand molding and
machine molding. Range of part weight: 1kg~2000kg.
l Die castings. Die castings machine range 160t, 200t, 400t and 1000t. Range of part weight: 0.1kg~7kg.
l Precision castings. Lost wax casting, lost foam casting, ceramic mold casting and metal mold casting. Range of part weight: 1kg~50kg.
Surface treatment:
Polishing, hardening, annealing, chemical plating, spraying, paint etc.