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Last Updated: 2016-11-09
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Detailed Description
Profile of Amakusa Dan Can Tea for Cardiac Protecting
By coalescing edges of myriads parties and bearing the thousands-year-long heritage, Amakusa Dan Can Tea for Cardiac Protecting has grabbed major breakthroughs in curing cardiovascular disease.
With the ancient TCM culture in the Orient as its groundwork, Amakusa Dan Can Tea for Cardiac Protecting is made out of whizzy extraction by using purple flower Savia miltiorrhiza and organic green tea in an effort to rinse blood, dredge blood and conserve blood vessels. It helps cure and fend off cardiovascular diseases and has curative effects on hyperlipaemia and high blood viscosity.
Integrating cure, prevention, maintenance and nursing into one, Amakusa Dan Can Tea for Cardiac Protecting ushers in the new channels to prevent cardiovascular diseases and brings new hope for tons of patients suffering CVD.
Amakusa Dan Can Tea for Cardiac Protecting helps validly clear away toxic substances in blood and lipid deposits silting up the blood vessels, release blood vessel pressure and enhance blood circulation and self-adjustment function of blood vessels. It helps restore blood-supply surrounding of the heart and boost impetus for blood circulation.
Step 1: blood viscosity is improved, blood pressure and blood fat is gradually controlled, waste and ejectment of toxin in blood paces up and such are ostensibly meliorated as dizziness, headache, depressed chest, palpitation and numbness of extremities in the incipient stage after taking Amakusa Dan Can Tea for Cardiac Protecting.
Step 2: Gradually it dissolves atheromatous plaque, thrombus and other sundries attached to the medialis of blood vessel. It checks initiation and progress of clotting mechanism and abnormal solidification of blood. It helps maintain unhindered blood and normalize blood circulation.
Step 3: It consolidates cellular vitality, improves microcirculation, protects blood capillary and prolongs valid diameter of cells. Blood vessels would naturally get unhindered by continuously taking it.
Step 4: Long-term taking of Amakusa Dan Can Tea for Cardiac Protecting helps enhance impetus of blood circulation, maintain unobstructed blood, maintain clean blood, guard against relapse of CVD and keeps patients away from the vicious circle of recurrent ailment.
Manufacture: Heilongjiang Beiqishen Pharmaceutical Limited Company
Address: No. 1 Red Banner Avenue, Jiagedaqi District, Daxinganling Region, Heilongjiang Province, China